There is a reason that corporations across the United States are evaluating solar power as a viable alternative to utility power. Solar energy has incredible financial and environmental benefits. Contact us about how you can take advantage of the state and federal incentives available to hedge your business against rising energy costs.

Save Money
At DJH Construction, we know you want the best return on your solar investment. That’s why we will work closely with your management team to evaluate your company’s production needs, energy use and utility rate tariff to design and develop a customized solar energy system that will optimize your energy consumption and reduce your overall energy costs. We’ll provide you with a system that is efficient, reliable and requires little maintenance.

Go Green
You probably already recycle paper from the copy machine and soda cans from the break room – take that environmental consciousness to the next level with a solar energy system. More and more consumers are choosing to do business with “green” companies. Take a step toward differentiating yourself from your competition by becoming a “green” business in a way that you can market to the public. Nothing says “green” quite like solar power.

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