DJH Construction, Inc. Completes A Solar Installation On A Habitat for Humanity Project

News on June 16th, 2011 Comments Off on DJH Construction, Inc. Completes A Solar Installation On A Habitat for Humanity Project

Habitat for Humanity solar project makes the front page of the September 1, 2009 issue of the Mojave Valley Daily News. The project was made possible by the efforts of DJH Construction, Inc., Arizona Electric Power Cooperative, and Mojave Electric Cooperative.

What is a PPA?

News on June 16th, 2011 Comments Off on What is a PPA?

A financing option known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is available to business and home owners who are looking to go solar but for a fraction of the cost. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a legal contract between an electricity generator (PPA Provider) and a host site owner/lessor (business/home owner). The business/home owner purchases energy from the PPA Provider at a contractual price (typically at current or discounted utility rates) for a negotiated number of years. This allows business/home owners to lock in current energy costs all the while going green. The biggest advantage to the business/home owner is a predictable monthly electricity payment not subject to utility price volatility. Although most PPA contracts will have an inflation escalator year to year (typically 3-5%), it is still below the historical utility increase of 7+% each year.

In addition to energy cost containment, under the terms of a PPA, the PPA provider assumes the risks and responsibilities of ownership such as the purchase, operation, and maintenance of the solar facility. However, because the PPA Provider is the owner of the solar system, all tax credits, grants, and utility rebates belong to the PPA Provider. If you are looking into a PPA you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages summarized below:


  • Current/discounted utility costs
  • Hedge against energy costs
  • Long-term predictable energy costs
  • Use of Solar Energy For A Fraction of the solar system market value
  • Customer only pays for energy produced
  • Customer can advertise it’s use of “clean energy”


  • Client not eligible for tax incentives, grants, and utility rebates
  • Client does not own system
  • Client pays for energy produced regardless of actual usage
  • 15 to 25 Years of PPA payments depending on contract terms

For more information on whether or not a PPA is appropriate for you, contact us at: or (949)233-1618.