About DJH, Construction Inc.

We have been a respected builder in the Orange County area for nearly 20 years, with more than a decade of solar energy system design and integration. The combination of construction and solar photovoltaic experience allows us to offer our clients a holistic approach to the unique requirements of each individual project.

We assess, design, source, and install customized solar module systems for residential and commercial clients. We begin with a thorough on-site analysis that includes a quantitative analysis of historical utility billing data, an audit of the physical characteristics of the site, an assessment of climate and dominant weather patterns at the proposed location, and any unique structural or engineering concerns.

In the design stage, we strive to develop a comprehensive solar system plan that’s tailored to the client’s site. During this process we will also complete and file on the client’s behalf the credits and rebates available for our client’s unique situation, achieving the financial goals established in a custom solar savings strategy.

Our team of builders, electricians, solar professionals and finance managers will all be involved in your installation to ensure you get the most affordable, best performing and most aesthetically-pleasing solar energy system available. And we’ll provide you with that system within budget, on time and with as little upheaval to your home or office as possible. We respect your time and property.
Our services include:

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